Splitface is a blue lightning zapperback. he is the main character of the dragons story line.(there are dragons comics on the comix page.) abilities: he can breathe blue lightning or compress his lightning into plasma balls.he can charge his crest with lightning and use it to cut an object.his special ability is electro ball, when he flings a ball of electricity at a target.


Maelstrom is a level 4 killer dragon and the main villan of the of Maelstrom coming soon. abilities: he can not breathe fire or lightning like most dragons, but he can squirt or inject an acid-like poison using spikes that protrude from his head and his scales are harder than of Maelstrom coming soon.

Archlight is a paladin (which really isn't a dragon) who some times helps Splitface defeat Maelstrom and thwart his traps. pictures of Archlight coming soon.

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